Certification Renewal Policy

In order to ensure equity among all certificants and to provide published information about the process, the NMTCB has established the following policy regarding certification renewal:

New Certificants: Initial certification upon passing the NMTCB examination is Active through the end of the third full month following the examination date. For example, a certificant who passes the examination on June 15th will be considered actively certified until September 30th of the same year.

Enclosed in the new certificant packet, along with the certificate and pocket card, will be a letter informing the certificant of his or her official score on the examination and an explanation of the date through which the initial certification is active. This date will also be printed on the wallet card. Also enclosed, will be a renewal application containing the required ethics questions and the pro rated amount for renewal through the end of the certificant's birth month. All questions on this form must be answered, the form must be signed and it must be returned to the NMTCB office along with the appropriate renewal fee by the last date of Active certification. Failure to return the above by the date indicated will result in the certification status being considered Inactive and is subject to the description of renewal for Inactive Certificants. Initial renewal for new certificants is not available online.

Active Certificants: Certification is generally considered Active through the end of the birth month of the certificant but under all circumstances, the date printed on the wallet card and posted on the website shall be considered the date through which certification is considered Active.

Certificants are sent email reminders approximately three months prior to the end of their Active certification. The certification renewal application includes ethics questions and a CE question, along with the renewal fee amount required and the date by which the completed renewal form and fee are due in the NMTCB office. Active certificants may renew with a credit card or electronic check online or by printing their emailed renewal statement and returning it by mail or fax to the NMTCB office. Online renewals are accepted until midnight eastern time on the last date on which the Active certification ends.

Inactive Certificants: Certificants who do not successfully renew certification by the last date of Active certification are considered Inactive. Certificants who have been Inactive for less than five (5) years may return to Active status by completing the following:

  1. Answering all questions on the renewal form and affixing a signature;
  2. including renewal fees for the entire Inactive and current renewal periods;
  3. enclosing the Reactivation Fee as described below; AND
  4. submitting documentation of 12 hours of approved continuing education for each 12 month period of Inactive status.

Online renewals are not available for Inactive certificants.

Certificants who have been Inactive for five (5) years or more are no longer considered certified and must meet current requirements to become certified again, including all application requirements and passing the NMTCB examination.

Retired or Emeritus Status: Certificants may ask to be changed to Retired or Emeritus status. Both of these are also inactive status types and subject to the same requirements to return to active status as described in the Inactive Certificants section above. The difference is that with the inactive status, we will continue to send you a renewal application annually until your certification is removed. With Retired status, you are listed as such, rather than Inactive, and we will not send annual renewal applications. Emeritus status is a little more honorary and we also do not send annual renewal applications.

Reactivation Fee: Certificants who wish to return from Inactive status (including Inactive, Retired, Emeritus, CE Probation and Suspended Status), when the Inactive period ranges from one (1) day to five (5) years, are required to pay a Reactivation Fee to offset the cost of the administrative process. This fee is set at $65.00 USD and is in addition to the renewal fee.

Certificants are required to keep their contact information with the NMTCB up to date. Contact information may be reviewed by logging in to the Certificant Directory of the NMTCB website at http://www.nmtcb.org/certificants/.

There is also a link on that page for you to submit changes to your contact information.

The individual certificant is also required to keep track of his or her certification end date. The date through which current certification is good appears on the wallet card and is posted in the Certificant Directory and Online Verification sections of the NMTCB website. The Reactivation Fee will not be waived for certificants who claim they did not receive a renewal form via USPS.

For certificants who have been Inactive for less than five (5) years, this fee is required, in addition to the completed and signed renewal application, the renewal fee and any required documentation of continuing education before return to Active status will be granted.


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