CNMT and NMTCB(CT) Combo Application

APPLICANTS: You may complete this single application to apply for both the CNMT and NMTCB(CT) examinations. Once you have submitted your application and paid the discounted $350 fee, your application information will be entered into the NMTCB system as a potential examinee for both examinations. Upon successful completion of the entry level CNMT examination and meeting all other eligibility requirements, you will then have the opportunity to be pre-registered for the NMTCB(CT) examination. You will need to contact us via email ( or phone (404-315-1739 x 1) to let us know when you would like us to pre-register you whereby you will have a three-month window to schedule and sit for the exam. Please note, you will have three calendar years from the date you apply to meet the eligibility requirements and sit for the NMTCB(CT) examination.

  1. Read instructions first.
  2. The NMTCB accepts online payments by MasterCard®, Visa®, and Discover® credit card only.
  3. All examination candidates must complete all sections of this application.
  4. This page is encrypted before being sent.
  5. The discounted application fee for applying for both examinations is $350.00 and payment information will be taken after you submit this form.

Personal Information

Have you previously applied for the NMTCB exam?

Are you currently certified/registered in CT with the ARRT?

Are you interested in receiving mail from professional organizations?

Are you interested in receiving mail from commercial organizations?

The NMTCB Certificant directory is available on our website to certified individuals.
Upon certification, will you want your home phone number to be included?


CT Clinical Hours and Competencies

Have you completed a minimum of 300 total clinical hours in PET/CT, SPECT/CT and/or CT and documented the 50 Computed Tomography procedures required?

Please complete this work history form to verify your clinical hours and competencies. (This form may be copied if you need more than one person (e.g. Program Director, Clinical Supervisor, employer, or supervisor) to confirm your clinical experience.) Fax the completed form to 404-315-6502.

For this program, I obtained a:

Besides the certificate or degree you received/will receive from the Nuclear Medicine Technology program, do you hold another degree?

Ethics Questions

Be advised that providing false or misleading information may result in permanent disqualification for any or all NMTCB examinations.

Have you ever been charged with, convicted of, or pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to any criminal charge, misdemeanor (other than a minor traffic offense) or felony, and/or are any such charges currently pending against you in any court of law? (This includes any civil, criminal, or military court.)

Have you ever had any professional or state license, registration, or certification application denied, or any issued license, registration, or certification revoked, suspended, placed on probation, or subject to any type of investigation or discipline by a regulatory authority, government agency, certification board in any jurisdiction for any reason?

Have you ever been found by any court, administrative body, licensing board, including but not limited to employers or any entity of the armed forces, to have committed negligence (simple or willful), malpractice, recklessness, or engaged in misconduct in the practice of any profession?

Have you ever been terminated or resigned to avoid being terminated from any employment position where the conduct leading to such termination/resignation has involved: child or elder abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse, job-related crimes, violation of professional practice standards or employer policies, disciplinary or misconduct reasons, or violent crimes against persons?

If you answered yes to any question above, you MUST provide an explanation. Felony convictions require court documentation.

Attestation & Statement of Applicant

Please initial below to indicate you have read and understand each of the statements.

NMTCB reserves the right to require and the applicant agrees to undergo, at the applicant’s expense, a national criminal background check through a source and under conditions determined by the NMTCB. NMTCB shall provide the applicant with a reasonable notice and period of time to complete this background check and the applicant agrees to cooperate in this regard.

I have read, am in compliance with, and agree to continue compliance with all of the NMTCB’s rules and regulations, as may be revised from time to time by NMTCB, including, but not limited to, the NMTCB eligibility requirements, disciplinary and appeal procedures, certification, annual renewal, fees, ethics standards, and continuing education policy.

I understand that any intentional or unintentional failure to provide true and complete responses to this application may result in denial of an application for certification or disciplinary action by the NMTCB.

I authorize the NMTCB to confirm the information contained in this application and allow the NMTCB to request information related to my education, employment, relevant personal history, and professional license, registration, or certification.

I hereby make application to the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board, Inc. (NMTCB) for examination and certification in accordance with and subject to NMTCB rules and regulations adopted from time to time. I understand and agree to be bound by all rules and regulations adopted by the NMTCB.

I am enclosing the nonrefundable fee of $350.00 by electronic check or credit card payable to the NMTCB. I understand that any request to withdraw my application will be subject to the approval of the NMTCB. I also understand that if I fail to keep an appointment to sit for the examination, without approval from the NMTCB, I will be required to resubmit the entire application and applicable fee at the time of reapplication. I hereby submit this application and supporting documents and attest to the authenticity and accuracy of the application and all information contained herein. I also understand that, in the event that any information contained in this application or supporting documents submitted on my behalf, is determined by the NMTCB to be false or misleading, this application may be denied, entrance to the examination may be refused, examination score withheld or invalidated, and any other remedy available to the NMTCB, including adverse action against any already issued NMTCB certification. NMTCB also reserves the right in its sole discretion to turn such information over to state or federal administrative or criminal authorities.

It is my intent that this acknowledgment and authorization act as a release to all entities, including educational institutions, professional organizations, and/or employers, regarding the disclosure directly to NMTCB of all relevant information for purposes of processing my application. I acknowledge that the NMTCB will not release my score results or examination status to the general public. In an effort to assist program directors and medical directors to better evaluate the effectiveness of nuclear medicine technology programs, by signing below, I acknowledge that my examination results will be sent to such program officials. The NMTCB will verify, upon request from employer and state licensing agencies, whether or not an individual has an active certificate.

I agree to abide by all NMTCB policies and procedures related to the application and certification process. I hereby recognize the NMTCB owned intellectual property rights including the examination and its processes and agree to maintain the confidentiality of these copyrighted materials. I further understands that giving aid to or receiving aid from any third parties in taking this examination or advising any third parties of any of the questions or answers orally, in writing or through any media before, during or after the examination or other misuse of the NMTCB materials protected under intellectual property laws will be sufficient cause for the NMTCB to deny my application, withhold or invalidate my examination score, disqualify me from reexamination, impose an adverse action against an already issued NMTCB certificate, and any other remedy available to the NMTCB, including civil and criminal remedies under applicable laws.

Be advised that your name entered on this form constitutes your agreement with the statements in this application:


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