Cardiology Exam Information

The NMTCB NCT Examination is a time-limited exam. A successful candidate's certification will last seven (7) years from the exam date, and will expire thereafter. In order to recertify after seven years, one must meet current eligibility requirements and pass the NCT Exam again.

  • Certification must be renewed annually AND the NCT Certificant must consistently maintain NMTCB (CNMT) certification and/or ARRT(N) and/or CAMRT nuclear medicine credentials either as "Active", "in compliance" or "in good standing"
  • NCT Certification is valid for up to 7 years as is consistent for all NMTCB Specialty Exams. After 7 years, recertification will be required. This means the certificant must pass a recertification examination in order to maintain the credentials.
  • Biennial Continuing Education Requirements:
    1. The NCT Certificant is not required to obtain additional CE in order to maintain this specialty credential.

A total of 608 individuals are Active NCT Certificants

NCT Exam Information

Introduction to the NCT Exam

The nuclear cardiology technologist is a nuclear medicine technologist who has a high level of knowledge in nuclear cardiology and is dedicated to producing high quality, diagnostically accurate results in a manner that is safe and effective for the patient. In addition to meeting all the eligibility requirements for an entry level nuclear medicine technologist and passing the certification exam, the nuclear cardiology technologist has additional clinical experience and knowledge specific to the use of instrumentation, radiopharmaceuticals and adjunct medications in the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.

The NCT Exam is administered by the NMTCB as a specialty examination designed to allow the nuclear cardiology technologist the opportunity to demonstrate his or her expertise in the field of nuclear cardiology technology and properly use the credentials "NCT".

Continuing Education

  • The NMTCB recognizes the passing of the NCT Exam as being the equivalent of 24 hours of CE toward meeting the NMTCB CE requirements.
  • 24 SNMMI VOICE credits are awarded for passing the NCT Exam. If you are not a member of the SNMMI, contact them at 703-708-9000 or to join.
  • The Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) accepts the successful completion of NMTCB specialty examinations as a Continuing Education waiver for nuclear medicine technologists.

Eligibility Requirements

A candidate for examination must show documented evidence of the following:

  1. Active NMTCB, ARRT(N), or CAMRT nuclear medicine certification
  2. A minimum 700 hours of documented clinical experience as a certified/registered nuclear medicine technologist performing all aspects of nuclear cardiology imaging including radiopharmaceutical handling, injection if permitted by state and/or institutional regulations) and imaging. Supervision must be performed by a board certified cardiologist, nuclear medicine physician or radiologist OR direct supervision must be performed by a certified NMTCB, ARRT(N) or CAMRT nuclear medicine technologist.
  3. Previous NCT certificant holders with current nuclear medicine certification are eligible to take the NCT examination.

Exam Content

The following is a list of the content for the NMTCB's Nuclear Cardiology Specialty Exam.

  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging Procedures (~50%)
  • Anatomy/Physiology/Pathology (~10%)
  • Radiopharmaceuticals and Interventional Drugs (~15%)
  • Non-pharmacologic (Exercise) Stress Testing (~15%)
  • Patient Care (~10%)

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Item Writing

We need your assistance. The NMTCB is in need of Nuclear Cardiology Technologists (NCT's) to write exam items for the Cardiology Specialty examination. If you are interested, please visit our Item Writer's Invitation page or contact us at We really appreciate your support!

A total of 608 individuals are Active NCT Certificants